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If you don't log in before tonite I'll tell you this in person,
but it isn't quite true that there's no reason to worry about
font compatibility between machines.  The reason is that if
somebody at one site runs off somebody else's long document,
and then calls them up and says "look at page 36" there will be
a problem if the fonts are different.  Possible solutions:
1.  People have to learn to make such references using section
    numbers or the like rather than pages.
2.  Documents to be distributed around the net can be set in
    nofill nojust nonuttin with fixed pages.
3.  One could try to define a very conservative "standard font"
    which would be simulatable on any device, even a lpt; thus
    fixed width chars, and min(everybody's hardware) chars per
    line, etc.

03-APR-73  1620		1,BH
Please read tes.msg[lde,dcs]

03-APR-73  0804		LDE,DCS
This is Rich Johnsson.  I read your message to Lee.  It sounds
good and also like a lot of work.  I'd be happy to work on such a system
because I would very much like to see a more integrated document
production system for LPT-XGP-scope type devices.

I'm not a part of the "in" group in the XGP scene here so I can't say
whether your proposals mesh with our thinking, but
whatever the outcome of that, I think we could produce a
much better system than what we have now.

If you have any messages for me you might send a note to A700RJ14 as
well as to A700PU00.

03-APR-73  0740		NET,GUE
PUB blows up on text-macros that used to work
PUB.OLD seems to do better. What has been changed?
03-APR-73  0141		1,GG
00100	Larry,
00200		We are chewing over your note of 31-Mar and trying to
00300	understand it in the context of what we have been doing and thinking
00400	about.  I (we) are still somewhat confused, but here goes a preliminary attempt
00500	at some of our concerns.
00600		Our biggest concern is with your desire for the output
00700	of the formatter to be device dependent with a different format
00800	for each device.  This seems bad to us for several resons:
00900	1)  There are an almost infinite # of devices.  e.g. each
01000	xgp is really a different device in that each wants a different
01100	input format because each has different interfaces with
01200	substantially different capabilities.  Thus, every
01300	program that wants to create ouput must know about every
01400	device--a rather sorry state of affairs.
01500	2)  If a document is formatted for one device & i wish to
01600	see it on another, i must now rerun the formatter, which i
01700	assume will take about the same amount of processing as
01800	Pub now uses.  Besides being rather wasteful of my time
01900	and the machine's, I'm still not very reassured that what I
02000	see on one will look like what I see on the other --
02100	this is a use of the devices that I very often like to
02200	do, e.g. looking at my document on a display before printing
02300	it on the xgp.
02400	(got to go, more to come.  Lee)