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 00002 00002			Purchased Parts list for Stanford Arm
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		Purchased Parts list for Stanford Arm
		Version of about July 1973

Joint #1

U9M4 Motor- Photocircuits Corp.  Glen Cove, N.Y. - Local Rep. is
	RDX, Sunnyvale, Ca.  Attn . Ed Ross.
FS11-00-04-5-014 Brake.  General Time, Torrington Conn.  Local Rep. is 
	Marwood, Ltd. Santa Clara, Ca.
HDC-5C-100-2-BL Harmonic Drive-  USM Corp.  Wakefield , Mass.  Local Rep.
	is McFarland Assoc.,  San Jose, Ca.  (Order 2 tooth difference
	model with the run in option  before the low backlash 
measurements are made.)
030/760 Tachometer- Micro Mo Electronics, Cleveland, Ohio.
KA 040 XPO Bearing-Prec. 3-  Kaydon Bearing- Muskegon, Mich.  Local Rep.
	Bearing Eng. Co.  San Francisco, Ca.
KB 040 XPO Prec. 3.  Bearing-  Kaydon.
Potentiometer Element Material- order from New England Instruments Co.
	Natick, Mass.  Local Rep.  O'Donnell Assoc. Palo Alto, Ca.
	(One Strip 1" x 30" of 100 ohms per square will do all pots.
Tachometer Coupling- Micro-Mo Electronics.

Joint #2

U12M4 Motor- Photocircuits Corp.
FS11-00-04-5-014 Brake-  General Time.
HDC-5C-100-2-BL- Run In- Harmonic Drive,   USM Corp.
030/760 Tachometer- Micro Mo Electronics
KA 040 XPO Prec. 3 Bearings  2 Required-  Kaydon.

Joint #3

402-14 Motor , Magnedyne Inc.  Carlsbad, Ca.  Local Rep.  Alfred Barack
	Co.  Palo Alto, Ca.
FS17-00-06-5-014 Brake  - General Time Co.
8103-R5K-L.10-LT-RS Potentiometer- Beckman Helipot.  Palo Alto, Ca.
477501 Bearing,  New Departure
MFS3KDD Bearing- Fafnir
2112N913 N- Tachometer- HICO. , Menlo Park, Ca.
G176 Spur Gear- Boston Gear.
G583-4 Rack-  Boston Gear.
34KDD Bearing- 16 reqd. -Fafnir.

Joint #4

1937D-100-24v. Motor- Magnetic Technology, Canoga Park, Ca.  Local Rep. 
	Servo Data, Los Altos , Ca.  Attn. Bill Selback
HDC-1C-72-2 Harmonic Drive.  USM Corp.
2112N913 N - Tachometer-  HICO
FG2-1078-902 Brake Armature-  General Time
3TKR-10-14U Bearing- MPB Bearing Corp.  Keene , N. H. 
 	Local Rep. King Bearing,  Mountain View, Ca.
B544DD Bearing- Fafnir
B542DD Bearing- Fafnir
P120A5-150 Gear- Winfred M. Berg Inc.  499 Ocean Av.  East Rockaway, N.Y.
P120A7-52 Gear- Winfred M. Berg.

Joint #5

1937D-100-24v Motor- Magnetic Technology
2112N913 N Tachometer- HICO
FS08-00-04-5-014 Brake- General Time
HDC-1C-72-2 Harmonic Drive-  USM Corp.
KAA10XL Bearing- Kaydon
MFS3KDD7 Bearing- Fafnir
MFS1KDD7 Bearing-  Fafnir
B541DD Bearing- Fafnir

Joint #6

NT-0739-C Motor- Inland Motor Corp.  Radford, Va.
2112N913 N Tachometer  HICO
FS08-00-02-5-014 Brake - General Time
B538DD Bearing- Fafnir
B539DD Bearing - Fafnir
AVF8K20 Bearing 2 reqd.  Fafnir
P64A21-100 Gear- Winfred M. Berg.
YWS6412 Pinion Wire- Boston Gear (1 foot req'd)

Electrical Components Required

Tape Cable- Burndy or Hughes
Amphenol Connectors
3M Flex Cable
Shielded Cable-  Micro Cable Corp.


NT-0739-C Motor-  Inland Motor Corp.
FS08-00-02-5-014 Brake- General Time
78C5C502 Potentiometer- New England Instruments
P120A10-130 Gear- Winfred M. Berg
P120S9-32   Gear- Berg
P96A5-90    Gear- Berg
16T-96dp, s.s. pinion shaft- Berg (Number too be supplied)
64 dp Rack- 416 s.s.  - Berg one piece
.1562 precision rod- 24 inches- Berg
YWS6410 Pinion Wire- 6 inches-  Boston Gear