perm filename BIG.MSG[2,TES] blob sn#019972 filedate 1973-01-08 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
1. PUB will not take REQUIRE for string space.  I ran it and increased
string space through SAIL.  It did not speed up the slow pages.
2. Putting quotes in places indicated (for AT) causes the same error
message, only on page 28 instead of the end of the file.

08-JAN-73  1053		2,KKP
PUB bug:  when I say "R PUB" then "ARPA.PUB[P,LES]/D",
it runs to page 16, then gives "ILL MEM REF AT USER 402507".
DCS looked at it and said he thought you were concatenating
off the end of core.  I'm thoroughly hung up.

07-JAN-73  1223		P,LES
I'm hung up on a bug.  When I say "R PUB" then "ARPA.PUB/D"

07-JAN-73  1218		P,LES
Dear Larry,
	The manual again reports IN: CHANNEL OR FILE NOT OPEN
I had carefully turned indexing off, and had modified my two indexing signals
to do the same thing that the indexing signals do in PUBMAC.DFS.  As you
know, the thing is OMAN.PUB[1,KVL] and takes 25 min CPU time to get to the bug.
I'd appreciate your attention as soon as possible -- Jerry wants the current
half finished manual to give to his students.

P.S. If you're reading this on Friday night, page me.  I might still be here.
Sorry to drop this mess in your lap.

05-JAN-73  1903		1,KVL