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Larry -

	Our changes to PUB for variable width are mainly confined to
FILLER.  There are a few changes in PUBDFS and other places probably.
All of the variable width changes (nearly all) should be marked
with RKJ (which is COMMENT).
	Our PUB is currently undergoing changes to put more of the
XGP control facilities in.  Also PUB will soon do XGP justification
by putting out variable size blanks.  These changes are being
made in FILLER ans PUB2.  Our current versions of the PUB source
files are available on [A700PU00].  You might also want
to look at PUB.LOG for entries I made at the time I added variable
width characters (about May-June '72).
	Let me know if I can be of help in explaining what we're trying
to do.
			Richard Johnsson at CMU

11-FEB-73  1315		NET,GUE