perm filename DEC12.MAI[2,TES] blob sn#077420 filedate 1973-12-11 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
∂10-DEC-73  1620		DOC,AJT
 	Another PUB gripe.  DATE dooesn't evaluate properly - MONTH is
 screwed somehow.
∂07-DEC-73  1250		1,MTK
 Another problem with XGPUB is that an underlined word
 at the end of a line has the underline displaced downward
 by a few raster lines. (end-line was determined by the fill of
 the line).
∂06-DEC-73  2241		1,MTK
 It would be nice if one could PUB only a portion
 of a document, but with correct pagination. I.e. a
 PUB command to turn printing off and on.  If off, PUB
 would do the work but not put it out to print.
 This is especially useful when I need to correct
 only page 39 of an XGP printout.