perm filename DMSY7.MF[1,3] blob sn#508376 filedate 1980-05-08 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
"Double Computer Modern Symbols 7 point";
ph=2*175/36; px=2*115.5/36; pe=2*63/36; pd=2*49/36;
pb=2*14/36; po=2*6/36; ps=2*14/36; pas=2*49/36; pa=.5(ph-pd);
pw=2*11/36; pwi=2*21/36; pwii=2*24/36; pwiii=2*27/36;
pwiv=2*24/36; pwv=2*26/36; aspect=1.0; pdel=0; fudge=1.0;
pu=2*16/36; lcs=1.3; ucs=1.65; sc=0; ls=.25;
slant=.25; sqrttwo=sqrt 2; fixwidth=0; crisp=1;
phh=ph-pssd; phhh=2*ph-12.6/36; pssd=.5po; pdd=pd.
input cmbase; call fontbegin;
input symbol;
new prt; prt=.25[12/36,32/36];	% default rule thickness for 10pt cmathx
subs=5/7;	% the following spacing intended for 5pt subscripts
texinfo 0,	% math spacing should be variable
	pa+3.51prt+pd+pb,	% numerator baseline in displays
	pa+1.51prt,	% numerator baseline in nondisplays, nonatops
	pa+1.51prt+2*34/36,	% numerator baseline in nondisplay atops
	-(pa-3.51prt-subs.phhh-2*72/36-pb),	% denominator baseline in displays
	-(pa-1.51prt-subs.phhh),	% denominator baseline in nondisplays
	2*,	% superscript baseline in unmodified displays
	2*,	% superscript baseline in unmodified nondisplays
	2*72/36,	% superscript baseline in modified styles
	2*36/36,	% subscript baseline without superscript
	2*72/36,	% subscript baseline with superscript*1,	% baseline offset for superscripted large boxes
	2*18/36,	% baseline offset for subscripted large boxes
	2*11.9,	% size of \comb delimiters in displays
	2*8.1,	% size of \comb delimiters in nondisplays
	pa;	% axis height