perm filename FEB.MSG[2,TES]2 blob sn#025098 filedate 1973-02-14 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	Dear Larry,
00200		Got another PUB bug for you. I tried OMAN.PUB with indexing turned on.
00300	I used 12K string space and it appears to work! (that's the good news. Now for
00400	the bad) When it began PUB PASS TWO, I got the error message INVALID index No. 1
00500	to ARRAY LABTAB. However, I had a parity error in my core image during the 4 hours
00600	it was (time shared) in core.  I finished the pass one files, and they appear
00700	okay.  CPU time until the bug: 1:08:53 (a new record!!).
00900					-Kurt
01100	04-FEB-73  1639		1,KVL
01200	For list of character sets, see PRUNE.DAT[XGP,TVR] or KSETS.LOG[XGP,TVR].
01300	Bruce has a program for reading characters from a TV camera and do
01400	slantly and reduction/expansion in X or Y direction.  Unfortunately,
01500	someone who knows how to use it (i.e. myself or BGB) would have to
01600	show you as it is not much easier than the Foonly drawing program to
01700	understand from scratch.
01900				Tovar
02000	04-FEB-73  1414		XGP,TVR
02100	Larry,
02200	   Tilda hack fixed in conversion program but not all fonts have
02300	been changed yet as I'm trying not quite successfully to deal with
02400	line feed properly.
02600				Tovar
02700	04-FEB-73  1409		XGP,TVR
02800	DOUBLE SPACE seems to set SPREADā†2 before it BREAKs -- the
02900	last line of the preceding paragraph has a lead line before it.
03000	14-FEB-73	DAV