perm filename GASTEI.LET[1,LMM]1 blob sn#054958 filedate 1973-07-19 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	∞∞M0BDR25Dear Jonny and Uli,
C00005 ENDMK
∞∞M0BDR25;Dear Jonny and Uli,
∞JWell, I'm home again.  Got back just a few days ago; I am already at work.
After Munich, I went to Freiburg (stayed one night, not too exciting after
the wonderful time I had in Munich) and then to Straβbourg (one night
there as well; the fellow I was staying with was leaving
for vacation in Italy).  I then took a night train to London. Spent
a few days there wandering around; didn't see too many sights, but
I did make it out to Stonehenge.  I think that when they take pictures
of Stonehenge they must lie on their backs and point their cameras upward---
it was not nearly as massive as I had imagined; also, many tourists.
Still very interesting and eerie in its own way.
Then went up to Sheffield and stayed with Judy, her sister,
and her boyfriend.  Went to a disco, walked around the
town, sampled English beer (stout, milk stout -- all warm; cold lager),
and suffered from a bad cold again.  I flew back from Manchester.
My house is still here, although different than the fine mist
of memory told me it would be.  I have two new housemates, and
things seem to be working out just fine.  Went down on Friday to pick
up my new computer terminal (I gave the one I had back to Stanford -- this one
is from Xerox -- typing this letter on it & will have it printed & pick
it up later today).   The garden is doing well; squash, corn,
eggplant, melons, chard all look fine and healthy; but I missed the
rasberries.  Oh well.  It's bright and sunny, but the smog is worse
than I remembered.  Coming down in the plane, you can see the haze
covering the whole bay.  Really a shame.

I hope you both enjoy the magazine -- something for Johnny when he can't
find his Newsweek.

Regards to all, and thank you again for the wonderful hospitality.