perm filename HOBIE1[1,VDS] blob sn#077474 filedate 1973-12-07 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						3689 South Court
00200						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300						December 7, 1973
00500	Mr. Jack Otis
00600	O'Neills Yacht Center
00700	2222 East Cliff Drive
00800	Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
01100	Dear Jack:
01300		I have been lax in getting my order off to you. In  spite  of
01400	my  waiting  about  a month since our phone conversation regarding my
01500	purchasing of a new Hobie 16, I am still interested in  the  boat.  I
01600	hope you still are interested.
01800		Let me now summarize the deal we agreed upon.   I want a new,
01900	first quality Hobie 16 with all the standard,  stock  equipment  plus
02000	the  following  features:     Tangerine  hulls,  Gold decks, a yellow
02100	trampoline, and a single yellow patch in the mainsail.     Also,  you
02200	will  request that the sail be delivered without the numbers sewed in
02300	place, but they will be included. This is to allow me to transfer  my
02400	old  numbers  to  the  new sail without having to remove the existing
02500	numbers and create stitch holes in the new sail.
02600		Also,  included  is a  new trailer for transporting the Hobie
02700	16, and $50 worth of accessories and fittings of my selection -  with
02800	the  price  based on your cost.  The total cost for this package will
02900	be $1760 plus 5% California Sales Tax of  $88  which  gives  a  grand
03000	total  of  $1848.00.    All  items  will be picked up by me from your
03100	place in Santa Cruz, and I will either assemble the boat and  trailer
03200	under your direction, or will help you assemble the boat and trailer.
03300	In addition, I will agree to only say great things about O'Neills and
03400	to  not  make unreasonable requests or demands in the future.  I will
03500	pay $100 deposit which is enclosed, and  the  balance  when  you  are
03600	ready  to  pick  up the boat from Coast Catamaran Corp.    The entire
03700	package should be ready for delivery within about  3  months  at  the
03800	most. (Anytime between now and March 15, 1974).
04000		You  will  note that I have requested a yellow trampoline and
04100	have added $10 to the agreed upon price  as  we  did  not  discuss  a
04200	colored trampoline during our earlier negotiations.
04400		Jack,  I hope that this is a fair interpretation of our phone
04500	conversations.
04800						Sincerely,
05300						Vic Scheinman