perm filename IMPSER.NOT[IP,NET]2 blob sn#710861 filedate 1983-05-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Things to do in IP/TCP code:

> Do FTIMP32 code for output (only if we really want to use this stuff).

> Finish code at TGETAL.

> Should INI in IMPMAC.MAC wipe the PTYIMP table?  (Probably not unless it
  does other things.)

> Is there a way for an IMP DDB to be released without its PTYIMP entry
  first going away?

> See if binary option negotiation can cause protocol loops.

> See if output CONOs can be eliminated (see IMPSER.OLD/106P/74L).

> PING program (or maybe part of IMP program) to send IP echo.

Things to debug:

> PTYs not being released completely sometimes.

> Lost RFNMs.

New code to test:

> Timeouts taken from DDB.

> Dead host status.

> Non-waiting CONECT MTAPE.

> Autologout of idle PTYs.