perm filename INITIA.TXT[1,2]124 blob sn#788012 filedate 1985-04-10 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
DETACH UDP4	;no such drive
TTY NO EXIST 21	;not working, no output

DETACH DD1	;funny cursor/text interaction for these channels
DETACH DD2	;funny cursor/text?
DETACH DD7!	;drops some bits in normal left-most col (col 2)
DETACH DD11!	;funny cursor/text AND RAM losses
DETACH DD14!	;D's are slightly bad 6/1/84 ME; also can't map to DD14 on TV131!
DETACH DD15	;capital D's are bad 6/1/84 ME.
DETACH DD17!	;capital D's are bad 6/1/84 ME.
DETACH DD20	;cursor/text 1/26/84, also some bad bits (like DD10?) 6/11/84
DETACH DD21	;cursor/text 12/11/84
DETACH DD22!	;solid green except while writing, tho sometimes OK 11/19/84 ME
;DETACH DD30!	;flakey, prob not bad RAM. 5/20/83 ME,JJW.  Worse 4/4/84 ME.
;		;different board used for DD30 12/5/84 ME,EJS.
DETACH DD31	;cursor/text
DETACH DD32	;cursor/text
DETACH DD33	;cursor/text
DETACH DD34	;cursor/text 6/14/83

BEEP		;Beep the world
RUN SETPAY[1,2]	;Maybe set payday too
;end with this "blank" line to ensure everything previous has finished.