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                              325 Fernando Avenue
                              Palo Alto, California 94306
                              May 21, 1973

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Lawrence G. Tesler.  I reside at the above address and
work as a research scientist for Xerox Corporation.  I am 28 years
old and have been a resident of this community for ten years, except
for one year spent on land I own in Takilma, Oregon (1970-1971).  I
live with my eight year old daughter, Lisa, of whom I have had
custody for five years.

During our stay in Takilma, we were fortunate to become acquainted
with our neighbors at the Magic Forest Farm.  They were very helpful
to us, teaching us much about building, gardening, and other skills
needed to live on a farm.

My daughter enjoyed visits to the Magic Forest Farm, playing with the
children there, and reading the books that were always prominently
displayed and extensively read.  By and large, the children were
highly motivated to learn both at home and in school.

I have visited the Magic Forest Farm several times since 1971, and
have seen continued progress towards their goals.  They have made a
happy and productive home for themselves mostly by perseverance and
hard work.  Janie (Jeanette R. Stewart) is one of the residents who
stands out as a willing worker and a positive force in the life on
the Farm.

The Magic Forest Farm has set a fine example for the surrounding
community, in which it plays a leadership role in matters of health,
safety, and cooperative undertakings.  Janie, a particularly
responsible individual, deserves a large part of the credit for this.

I know Janie to be a good mother, and well able to care for Larissa
at the Magic Forest Farm or anywhere.  I see no point in putting
Larissa through the trauma of a change of custody for the advantages
she might gain by living in a less rural area.  It is true that some
of the comforts of suburban life are lacking, but this is compensated
by an opportunity for her to live nearer the roots of life, to get
healthul exercise, to learn basic skills, and to live in an uncrowded
and beautiful environment with a loving mother and with other adults
who care for her.

                              Sincerely yours,

                              Lawrence G. Tesler