perm filename LESBUG.MSG[PUB,TES] blob sn#073672 filedate 1973-11-20 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
∂20-NOV-73  1253		S,LES
 MTC.PUB[R,LES] now compiles successfully, thanks to your help, but
 there appear to be a couple of minor glitches:
 1. The "→" construct was used on the first line of the document, but
 the text didn't go all the way to the right margin.
 2. The second page appears to have spurious blank lines at the top,
 with the result that the page number, at the bottom, ends up on the
 next page.  The rest of the pages are positioned correctly.
 Incidentally, it was necessary to give the PAGE FRAME and AREA declarations
 in order to make the margins come out right.  It would be better if
 the default values were correct.