perm filename LOAD.HLP[SIM,SYS] blob sn#460114 filedate 1979-07-20 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
LOAD - a program for loading a sequential file
to a SIMDBM data base.

This program takes a sequential file with data fields
bound to fixed positions, and loads records in a SIMDBM
data base containing these fields.

The data base file must have been initialized previously
by running SPEC. The relevant record type containing
the fields needed must have been specified.

LOAD asks the user for the name and linelength of
the input file, and the record type. These are given on one
line as three items separated with commas.

Then an asterisk is used to prompt for field specifications.
They are are given one per line as the following four items
separated with commas:

   FIELDNAME   must be a field defined in data base record.
   FIELDPOS    start of field in sequential input file
   FIELDLENGTH length of input field, left blanks are
               removed for texts before storing in data base.
   FIELD TYPE  type of field, 1 for integer, 3 for text
               numeric fields are checked by LOAD.

The sequence of specificatons is ended with a period.
Should the user be uncertain as to the proper field names
available, the command .FIELDS can be given. LOAD will
then print a specification of them.
Help information can always be requested by typing
a question mark.

Whenever an error message is given for a specification,
it should be given again immediately.


Suppose you have a file PERSON.DAT containing data in columns
1,21,41 and 51, which contain NAME,ADRESS,AGE
and INCOME for a number of persons and you want
these fields stored in a SIMDBM data base PERSON.BAS
We presuppose SPEC has been used to create a record
type PERSON with the fields mentioned, and that
NAME and ADRESS are texts, AGE and INCOME integers.

This is done by running LOAD in the following way:

   Give name of data base file:PERSON.BAS
   Image size: 72
   Ge infil,blk,postnamn: PERSON.DAT,80,PERSON