perm filename PUB.BUG[2,TES]1 blob sn#038069 filedate 1973-04-25 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	Larry,
00200	  Observe the pornography of PORNO.PUB[SLS,DCS].  But it works!
00300	This way, I can include my bibliography file twice (or once, sending
00400	a copy to a BIB portion), and allocate the right size for all the
00500	references to things.  Blech!
00700	25-APR-73  0212		SLS,DCS
00900	25-APR-73  0116		1,GG
01000	Larry -- I have tried my file using PUB.OLD, and still get the error.
01100	Try compiling RECUR.PUB[1,RFS].  I realize that the file is not yet
01200	completely correct, but I cannot easily debug it without some output!
01300	Thanks in advance.
01500	24-APR-73  1901		1,RFS
01600	Changed DAPART to set GLINEM←0 in any case, but I'm not sure that's
01700	enough.  GLINEM was 2 when FIND_ROOM was called though GROUPM was 0
01800	and LINE was 60 (because GROUP SKIP happened to be at the top of a
01900	page or bottom before that -- i.e., LINE=0 group skip 2.) This
02000	caused a call on MOVEGROUP which moved lines 2-58 I guess and
02100	then left FIND_ROOM in pretty bad shape and left LINE=59 and blew
02200	up PLACELINE aa[line+above+1]←olx←olx+1 even though above was 0.
02300	Logic of FIND_ROOM on big MOVEGROUPs should be checked; also GROUP
02400	SKIP at bottom of page should be checked and at line 0.  Also
02500	recompile and see if DAPART was main problem.