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C00002 00002	Radio Stations
C00004 00003	Bay Area FM Radio Stations
C00008 00004	Bay Area AM Radio Stations
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Radio Stations

This file lists various radio stations  in the Bay Area and  environs.
For each station, the file lists:

	Call letters
	* if non-commercial (FM stations only)
	M if mono (FM stations only)

In some  cases there  are  gaps (e.g.  "?"  in the  non-commercial  or
mono/stereo columns,  or  "--" in  the  location or  format  columns).
People are invited  to fill  in these  gaps, along  with updating  the
information shown (much of which is badly out of date).

Those stations which are usually (or at least frequently) to be  found
on certain audio channels, are so noted.

Some definitions: "Middle-of-the-road" is taken  to mean a melange  of
oldies, light top-40 rock, and other stuff which is assumed to  appeal
to a wide  range of listeners.   Some people think  of MOR as  meaning
Lawrence Welk-ish music;  it's not clear  what category this  actually
comes under--perhaps "beautiful music", which is basically `musak'.

AOR is what SGK calls "Album Oriented Rock".  His description:  "Often
means top  50 alternative  to top  40 rock.   This is  what became  of
progressive radio."
Bay Area FM Radio Stations

KQED *	San Francisco	 88.5	Variety:  Jazz, Talk, Classical
KPFB *	Berkeley	 89.3	Variety:  Jazz, Rock, Folk, Talk
KPOO *	San Francisco	 89.5 M Variety:  Reggae, Jazz, 3rd World
KFJC *	Los Altos Hills  89.7	Progressive Rock
KZSU *	Stanford	 90.1	Progressive Rock
KALX *	Berkeley	 90.7 ? Variety:  Rock, Jazz, Blues, ?

KCSM *	San Mateo	 91.1	Variety:  Middle-of-the-Road
KKUP *	Cupertino	 91.5 M Jazz, Ethnic, Reggae, Bluegrass, Classical
KALW *	San Francisco	 91.7	Variety:  Religious
KDFM	Walnut Creek	 92.1	Beautiful Music, MBS

KSJO	San Jose	 92.3	Progressive & Hard Rock
KJAZ	Alameda		 92.7	Jazz
KYA	San Francisco	 93.3	Top 40, AOR
KPFA *	Berkeley	 94.1	Variety:  Jazz, Rock, Classical
KFAT	Gilroy		 94.5	Progressive Country, Western, Folk, Bluegrass
KSAN	San Francisco	 94.9	Country

KRVE	Los Gatos	 95.3	Variety:  Top 40, Portuguese, Jazz
KKHI	San Francisco	 95.7	Classical
KCTC	Sacramento	 96.1	Beautiful Music, ABC
KOIT	San Francisco	 96.5	Beautiful Music
KCBS	San Francisco	 97.3	Light Rock

KPEN	Los Altos	 97.7	Middle-of-the-Road, Jazz
KABL	San Francisco	 98.1	Beautiful Music
KOME	San Jose	 98.5	Progressive Rock
KMPX	San Francisco	 98.9	Big Bands
KVIN	St. Helena	 99.3	Beautiful Music

KYUU  	San Francisco	 99.7   Light Rock
KBAY	San Jose	100.3	Beautiful Music
KTIM	San Rafael	100.9	Progressive Rock
K101	San Francisco	101.3	Disco
KKIQ	Livermore	101.7	Light Rock

KDFC	San Francisco	102.1	Classical
KRE	Berkeley	102.9	Jazz, Soul, Blues
KSFX	San Francisco	103.7	Disco
KFOG	San Francisco	104.5	Beautiful Music
KFMR	Fremont		104.9 M Variety:  Religious, Spanish

KBRG	San Francisco	105.3	Multilanguage
KARA	Santa Clara	105.7	Top 40, Oldies, Automation
KMEL	San Francisco	106.1	AOR
KEZR	San Jose	106.5	Light Top 40
KEAR	San Francisco	106.9	Religious

KSOL	San Mateo	107.7	Soul, Disco

     * Non-commercial Radio   M Mono (all other stations are stereo)
Bay Area AM Radio Stations

KSFO	San Francisco	 560	Middle-of-the-Road, 49'ers
KFRC	San Francisco	 610	Top 40
KNBR	San Francisco	 680	Middle-of-the-Road, NBC, Giants
KCBS	San Francisco	 740	Total News, CBS
KGO	San Francisco	 810	Talk, ABC, Raiders

KNEW	Oakland		 910	Country and Western
KABL	Oakland		 960	Beautiful Music
KKIS	Walnut Creek	 990	Beautiful Music
K101	San Francisco	1010	Oldies,Middle-of-the-Road, Stanford Football
KOFY	San Mateo	1050	Spanish

KFAX	San Francisco	1100	  --
KLOK	San Jose	1170	Oldies, Middle-of-the-Road
KNBA	Vallejo		1190	Country and Western
KIBE	Palo Alto	1220	Classical
KYA	San Francisco	1260	Top 40

KDIA	Oakland		1310	Spanish
KEEN	San Jose	1370	Country and Western, MBS
KRE	Berkeley	1400	Jazz, Soul, Blues, ABC
KEGL	Santa Clara	1430	ABC
KEST	San Francisco	1450	Religious

KWUN	Concord		1480	MBS
KXRX	San Jose	1500	Total News
KTIM	San Raphael	1510	Progressive Rock
KFBK	Sacramento	1530?	MBS
KKHI	San Francisco	1550	Classical, MBS

KLIV	San Jose	1590	Light Rock