perm filename SAN.MSG[2,TES] blob sn#018905 filedate 1973-01-05 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
I remember two of the problems I found before.  I got ILL MEM REFs by
using the same local variable names in nonintersecting blocks (EX1A.PUB
on [F,SAN] is ok, but EX1B.PUB, which has line 1300/10 added, blows up).a
Also, conditionals don't work right -- I had another example, which I now
can't find, in which IF false AND false AND true THEN <s1> ELSE ...
evaluated to <s1>, i.e. the conjuction was true when it should have been 
false.  Tell me if you can't make this happen, in which case I can probably
dig up my example again.

05-JAN-73  0748		F,SAN