perm filename SIMULA.INF[SIM,SYS] blob sn#453661 filedate 1979-07-20 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
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C00002 00002	∂17-jun-79  2139	FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank) 	Simula version 4a 
C00009 ENDMK
∂17-jun-79  2139	FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank) 	Simula version 4a 
Date: 15 Jun 1979 2231-MDT
From: FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank)
Subject: Simula version 4a
To: admin.mrc at SU-SCORE
Cc: csd.jbg at SU-SCORE, jls at SU-AI

I have move the relevant run-time and documentation files for Simula
to <simula>@score.  These files correspond to version 4a of simula,
modified at Utah to work more cleanly under Tops-20 (but NOT jsys'ized).

I have not moved the source files; if you want me to I will.  They require
about 3500 pages of disk space.  Let me know what you want.

A caution to your users:  We at Utah do not pretent (or want) to be a
maintainer of Simula, and cannot offer much help if your users encounter
problems.  All the Simula work here has been done by a research staff
member (not a system's staff person) for his own use, and he cannot 
afford the time to maintain the system.  If you encounter bugs, forward
them to me, but I can't offer any promises regarding fixes.  Your best bet
it that case would be for me to move the sources to score, and let the user
with the problem work on it.

In terms of running simula, the easiest thing to do is to include <simula>
on your sys: list, and run it from there.

Because of changes made at Utah with this version of Simula, it is necessary
to re-compile any source programs before using the run time system on

If I can be of any other help, let me know.

Thanks ideed for the doing the work to bring simula up at SCORE, as I told
you in a previous message I an interested in having SIMULA under WAITS(that is a
hacked up TOPS-10), so please tell which files I must get over here...  and
if there is any instalation doc I could use...
∂17-Jun-79  1927	FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank) 	Re: SIMULA   
Date: 17 Jun 1979 2022-MDT
From: FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank)
Subject: Re: SIMULA   
To: JLS at SU-AI
Cc: admin.mrc at SU-SCORE
In-reply-to: Your message of 17-Jun-79 1918-MDT

We have hacked the standard DECUS version of Simula to work better under
Tops 20.  I have no idea if this version will still work under Tops 10.
The only installation doc I know of is one on <simula> called SIMIMP.
Most of the files on <simula> at score are needed for various simula
functions.  You might be better off checking w/a Tops 10 site such as
CMU to see if they have a working version for Tops-10.  I really can't
offer much help for Tops-10, and the sources we have up at Utah are modified
for Tops-20  (for example, we have more the hi seg origin to 600000, something
I don't thing Tops-10 will like.)  I don't have the time (or disk space) to
bring up the original Tops-10 version.  As my msg indicated, we are NOT a 
maintainer of Simula, and have enough of a problem keeping the Tops-20 version
running!  You're more than welcome to move the files I put a score
to sail, but I really can't offer any help in getting Simula to work
under Waits.  Sorry.

I guess that my best bet is to get the whole tape and try to hack the
thing all over, I  would like to avoid going thru the DECUS bureaucracy, so
if you could point me to the files I could try to FTP them...
The reason to avoid DECUS is that we do not have 9tk tapes..

 ∂19-Jun-79  1620	FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank) 	Re: SIMULA   
Date: 19 Jun 1979 1717-MDT
From: FRANK at UTAH-20 (Randy Frank)
Subject: Re: SIMULA   
To: JLS at SU-AI
In-reply-to: Your message of 19-Jun-79 1613-MDT

The problem is that we do not have the original PDP-10 sources on-line; I will
be more than happy to send you a copy of the original tapes, but they are 9 trk.
I don't have enough disk space to put the original sources on-line (they take
over 5000 pages!)  Let me know what you want to do.

simula tapes
I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the tapes, I'll try to 
read them in some other instalation around here...  

TAPES: address
By the way the address is:

thanks again..