perm filename SUE.L[1,VDS] blob sn#146935 filedate 1975-02-16 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
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C00014 ENDMK
\CPALO ALTO, CA. 94306
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CFebruary 16, 1975

Dear Susan:

	The recent arrival of an ARTA newsletter  reminded me that it
has been  all too long since I  last wrote to you.   In fact, I think
that you have given up on me,  for you never seem to miss calling  me
around Christmas  time, when  you are  over on  the "mainland"  for a

	Digression:  I decided to call Heather  and Hardy to see what
you were really up to.  Heather answered and  mentioned that you were
in the  area around the beginning  of December, and then  went off to
your sister's for Christmas.   She also said  that she will be  going
over to Hawaii next week for a visit, and a rummaging thru your dad`s
clothes  closets.  I  asked her what  else is new,  and she mentioned
that you  are  about to  start  on your  house  addition.   She  also
informed me that you were not pregnant.  That took me back a bit, but
I recovered  and asked if you were married yet- ah, to my relief, you
are not, and she doesn't know of any immediate  prospects.  Well, she
also added that your  boating partner is comming stateside shortly...
but don't  get rid  of  that boat  yet!!   I'll  make it  over  there
sometime soon, cause I want to sail that Sol Cat.  

	Back to  the letter.   I  feel I  should fill you  in on  the
events in my life since I last saw you about six months ago.  Most of
my time has been spent at and around Vicarm.  We have orders for arms
from  General Motors,  and have  already  delivered an  arm to  Texas
Instruments Corp.  Unfortunately, I never seem to be able to estimate
properly just how much  time it will take  to make these arms.   Then
too, all  my customers insist on endless  phone converations and free
consulting.  I try to  avoid too much of  this by just not  answering
the phone,  but  still I  end  up spending  a good  part  of my  time
answering questions... and also handling administrative details.  

	Since June I  have also been a full time student at Stanford-
supposedly working on my PhD.  I guess I mentioned that  the official
field is Automation, and the topic has to do with total automation of
manufacturing  processes.  For example an  engineer or architect sits
down in front of a computer console and designs  a part or structure.
The computer helps her do it.  Then, when the design is all done, the
computer gives a  time and cost  and materials summary.   If this  is
acceptable,  the computer  is  then commanded  to  actually MAKE  the
design.   Obviously, I can only work on  simple aspects of this total
automation, but in the  future, I can  see whole buildings made  with
almost no manpower.  

	I had  planned some  sort of  mid-winter adventure,  either a
skiing trip, or else a trip to Hawaii, but my father died suddenly on
Jan. 28, and I've only  recently returned from New York.  It  was the
common "heart attack" which got him, while at his office.  Apparantly
he died suddenly and peacefully, for by the time his patient realized
what had happened and called the police it was all over. 

	One thing  I've  learned from  this recent  experience is  to
relax occaisionally and realize that it's not always best to plan too
far into the future.  Do it now, or else don't plan on ever doing it.
My father had all sorts of plans  for himself, and his boys- but only
saw the beginnings of these taking shape.  Such is life. 

	My brother Dick, is  happily settled in Petrolia.   Thats the
small  town just  south  of Eureka.    He has  his 40  acres,  and is
spending the rainy season in a rented mobile home.  His plans  are to
start building his permanent house  soon after the roads are passable
in  spring.  It  sounds like the  tropical jungles, and  it almost is
just that, for he is on the rain forest belt near the northern Calif.

	As for my dwellings, the new cabin above Los Gatos almost has
2 new bedrooms, and another bath.   I say almost because I've  rented
it to  a couple of  Stanford students, one  of which is  a summertime
carpenter.  He's been working on these additions as part of his rent.
The interior walls are all that's left to be done. 

	Now that I will  be having my  mother out here in  California
more often.  (We really dont know  yet just how she  will feel living
alone  in New York-  she is trying it  for a while  and will come out
here next month  for a visit)-  I am starting  to get the details  of
that backyard  guest house (the  one with the  round fiberglass roof)
together.  I even had a carpenter come over.  He will be giving me an
estimate shortly. The main  hassle is the plumbing.  I  must tie into
the  house sewer line  and to get  the proper slope  of 1/8 inch/foot
minimum allowable I will  have to have the  toilet and sewer pipe a bit 
above ground level near the house.  The pipe will have to be protected while
above ground.   So I am thinking of making a long planter box section
with the sewer pipe running inside the front concrete wall.   This
will run  along one side of the  yard- far enough so that  at one end
the sewer pipe will have sloped  into the ground. The other end  will
have to go right up to the new structure.  

	I am now social chairman of  the Multihull Racing Association
of  the  San Francisco  Bay  area.   So  besides racing  my  Hobie, I
organize social events.  My big undertaking so far was the Xmas party
last Dec.   with over 80 people attending.   I finished third overall
last year.   Hopefully I will do better this year.  It helps to go to
all the races.   When I go, I usually  do well, but the races  I miss
also  count in the  final totals too.   I  haven't been out  too much
lately, but am still just  as enthused as ever  to go sailing.   And,
I'm also real eager to come out the Honolulu for a visit and a sail in
you super  boat.  Yes, I do  know what the Sol Cat  is, and have even
sailed against them.  They are very comparable the the  Hobie, execpt
a bit more sophisticated.  

	As  for other  details, I'm  still quite  unattached, in  the
sense that  I have not yet found any woman to my 100% liking.  One of
these years  I'll  have  to compromise  and  settle for  a  realistic
choice.  When  you are 32, you start thinking  about whether you will
have a family or not- rather than when and how large a family  you'll
have.  I guess that you too have the same thoughts? 

	I gather that your father is planning  on moving to San Fran.
on a  sort of permanent basis, and will have  just a room in your new
house for his  visits to  Hawaii.  What  are your plans?   With  your
house  building ideas,  I gather  that  you are  planning on  staying

	Well, now it's your turn to write...  a short note at least. 
Hopefully, I will be organized and relaxed enough to reply sooner the
next time.\.