perm filename TRAIN[L70,TES] blob sn#055282 filedate 1973-07-18 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00300	1.  If you want to ride a bicycle, you should certainly get a
00400	ten-speed.  Its lightness, form, and power train provide the most
00500	efficiency of any bicycle.  You can ride faster and for a longer
00600	period of time.
00800	However, if you have never ridden a bicycle before, your first few
00900	attempts on a ten-speed may very well result in scrapes, bruises, a
01000	sore bottom, and a damaged vehicle.  Therefore, it is best to learn
01100	to ride on a three-speed first, or even a one-speed if you're not of
01200	a mechanical bent.  If you are young and your sense of balance is
01300	undeveloped, you may even need training wheels.
01500	2.  If you want to use a video terminal, you should certainly use a
01600	structured editor with a mouse and keyset.  Its directness,
01700	structure, and flexibility provide the most efficiency of any
01800	interactive system.  You can edit faster and for a longer period of
01900	time.
02100	However, if you have never used a video terminal before, your first
02200	attempts on a structured editor may very well result in frustration,
02300	confusion, and loss of confidence in yourself and the computer.
02400	Therefore, it is best to learn display editing on a page editor with
02500	a couple of keys added to the typewriter marked DELETE and INSERT.
02600	If your eyesight is not too great, you might even want to begin with
02700	extra large characters so you can really see what's happening.  It
02800	would be nice to be able to point at the screen with your finger to
02900	select a character, even if this is not as efficient as using a mouse
03000	-- it's certainly easier to master.  After a while, display editing
03100	becomes second nature, and you can remove the training wheels...