perm filename UDS[CMG,ROB]2 blob sn#507803 filedate 1980-04-30 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	UDS modem information
C00010 ENDMK
UDS modem information

"I want a Modem just like the Modem that synthesized dear old Data..."

PO #:	C3XB 747898

#  quan	part #		desc		shipped	comments
1  1	RM 16-DC			21-Nov
2  3	2021958		Stanford spec	21-Nov	* (not really?)
3  2	RM16-103J 	300 baud	21-Nov

Vendor:	Group III	 56-245-4392	Wesley
mfr:	UDS		205-837-8100    Lyn Mosely (male), or Linda.
rcving:	Stanford	      7-3031	Chuck Hansen
shipper:Federal Express 800-238-5355

Talked with Eddi @ Group III.  They showed all items as shipped on 21-Nov-79,
but there was also some inconsistancy, as they had also called UDS at some
later date (mid-January?) to find out about the state of the undelivered
Stanford Special (1200/150 split speed) modems.  Will call back about same.

āˆ‚22-Feb-80  1132	PAT  	modem boards  
have you, by any chance, checked out the boards that were received from
UDS, they want to be payed and we need to test them out somehow...before
we accept them.

Talked with Eddi.  (She had never called back.)
Too late to call UDS, on this 

Wesley called in (Eddi transferred the task to her) - She will call UDS
"this morning" and get back to me on item 2 (Stanford Special) modems.

Wesley called back, said that the Stanford Specials were shipped Monday
or Tuesday (15 or 16-Feb-80).

Taked to Barbara in Stanford Stores, she will check (ext 7-3002).
Called later to say had not arrived.

Called 7-3002, NA (11:57, early lunch?)

Called Barbara, she said to call the expediters at 7-2817.
Called expediting, talked to Molly, 7-2819.  Find at 851 Welch Rd.

Got through to Molly - had a great talk about voices in the night calling
one's name.  She will call Group III and get back to me.

Talked to group III.  Wesely on other phone, Group III doesn't know
what to do except to call UDS (again).

Patte advised me that Molly of expiditing misplaced the paperwork.
Seems like we are on our own...

Called UDS at 1055 our time, which is 1255 their time, and salespeople
are all out to lunch.  Someone will call back.

Weseley from Group III called, and has new info from UDS:
UDS has not shipped.  They will ship on 04-Apr-80.  Promise.

Called 7-3002 (traffic) to ask about UDS shipment.  Chris there said
to call 7-3031 and ask for Chuck Hansen (receiving).  Called him, and
he has seen nothing from UDS nor Group III.  Called UDS, talked to
Lyn Mosely.  He pulled our file and said he needed Group IIIs PO number
to find the status of the order.

Called Wesely at Group III.  The number that UDS uses is our internal
(Stanford) PO number.  She has talked to Lynn Mosely since I last talked
with her, and the most recent word has been that the units were scheduled
for burn-in on the 8th (today) and shipment on 9-Apr-80.  So much for
"promise" of 28-Mar-80.  

Called Lyn Mosely at UDS back (lalala), gave him the PO.  He had a hard
time finding it beacuse it was last year's PO (!).  Checking with the
"schedulers".  The units are in burn in right now, slated to be shipped
Monday 14-Apr-80.  Will come via air freight to 1600 Arastradero on

Talked to Lyn Mosely at UDS.  Have changed it to standard air frieght
(which is fine), but he saw no evidence of it being shipped (which isn't
fine).  Put me on hold to check some more...  They are in "final assembly",
having cover plates and switch assemblies installed, and should be ready
this afternoon.  Air frieght will take about 2 days, so we should see
these on Monday, 28-Apr-80.  I'm tempted to call him back and point out
that these modems DON'T HAVE any cover plates, but I'll let it ride for

Talked to Linda at UDS (Lyn was on another line).  "You mean you don't
want cover plates or housings on these items?  Let me check with production
and see what's going on...Production says these are just brackets for the
LEDs, and they will *definitely* be out by tomorrow.  Slated to be shipped
Air Frieght..."   Sounds promising.

Out to lunch.  UDS, that is.  What else is new?

Lyn on another line. Linda checked to see if the Goods has been
shipped....  The modems were shipped Air Freight on Fiday 25-Apr-80.
Federal Express Airbill # HSV 60404285.

Called Federal Express to find status.  Should have arrived by 1700
on Tuesday, 29-Apr-80.  They show no trouble reported on it.
Sent "Standard Air", not "Priority One".  They are tracing it.