perm filename WARN.PUB[OK,TES] blob sn#064230 filedate 1973-10-02 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
PUB users:
To repair certain unpleasant bugs in the PUB font
select mechanism, it is undergoing a major overhaul.
The main effect on your manuscripts is this:
   Font selection will be area-dependent.
That is, if you say %1 or SELECT 1 when you have done
a PLACE HEADING, the current font will be changed to 1
only for the HEADING area.  When a block is exited, the
current font of every declared area will revert to its
setting when the block was entered.  Font select controls
directed by PUB to the XGP will be more intelligent as well.
This will probably happen by the end of October, if not
very soon.  -- Larry Tesler (PUB,TES).