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COMMENT  !  This is the file of assembly switches for the XEROX
versions of the SAIL compiler.  SAIL is to be assembled using
a special version of FAIL known as XFAIL.  The assembly commands
are on several files, given to XFAIL with the @ sign.  Command
files include:

	XEROX.CMD	make a reentrant compiler for TEN or TENEX
	XSHR.MAK	make a SAISEG sharable segment.

	There are many conditional assembly switches in SAIL.
The most important ones, from our point of view, are given below.
Most of the rest will generate compilers that cannot work on
any of our systems.

	Switch		Description
	SIXSW		Sixbit ppn's instead of octal.  Leave on
	EXPORT		Not at AI lab.  Leave on.
	COM2SW		On if we are making a non-reentrant compiler
			linking to the SAISEG.  Incompatible with
			RENCSW.  On if making a library.  Off if making
			a reentrant compiler.
	TMPCSW		On if the system supports the TEMPCORE uuo.	
			Leave this on since we are using the kiddy buffer
			for input via the SAIL-TVEDIT interface (at IMSSS.)
	LEAPSW		On if we want LEAP.  This should be on to
			make a compiler, library, or SAISEG
			we have not been putting the LEAP into the
			SAISEG.  Thus far, we have not had success
			in making a compiler sans LEAP.  If you try,
			remember that you must run PTRAN and RTRAN
			first, so it is not trivial.
	RENCSW		On if we are making a reentrant compiler.
			Incompatible with COM2SW.
	RENSW		This one is tricky.  On if you are making
			a compiler and you want it to generate 
			reentrant code (/h), so leave it on for a
			compiler.  On if you are making a reentrant
			library.  Off if you are making a non-reentrant
			library.  I don't know exactly what it does
			re a SAISEG.
	IMSSS		Obvious.  Leave it off at XEROX.

	DEBCOR		On if you are debugging the core code.		
	TENEX		On if you are making anything for TENEX.  
			DANGEROUS for the TEN system.
	DEBTNX		On if you are debugging TENEX.
	FTDEBUG		On if you are making a debugging compiler.

	end of comment

;these settings are for the process of making a COMPILER
;leave these alone for XEROX

;these depend on what you are doing

;TENEX vs. TEN system see page 3.

;DEBUGGING -- off if not debugging


comment  *

	The differences between a TEN version and a TENEX version.

1)  Dec. 10, 1971. rls.  
	JSYS added to the legal instructions to START!CODE.  TTCALL and CALLI
already in, and table is resident in the high segment instead of being read in
from the dsk.  

2)  Feb. 22, 1972.  rls
	LOAD options adjusted to do good things on TENEX.  Does not load /Y,
and calls for /S instead of /T if DDT requested.