Books born digital

1970s and 1980s material from the first
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Bruce Guenther Baumgart

This page is a portal to digital book draft material found on the backup tapes of the first Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab. There may be as many as ten examples chosen that were authored in the 1970s and 1980s at Stanford. The first ten candidate authors for this treatment are DEK, ZM, TW, RWW, JRA, CLT, JMC, MWK, RDG and EDS, who I will contact one-by-one to review their digital draft-book materials, based on curator (snooping) of their directory areas for TeX and DVI or PUB and XGP files at book length that look like book content.

Also there were three example books used for Natural Language research: Grimm Fairy Tales GRIMM[LIB,DOC] Harold and Maude HAROLD[LIB,DOC], and Wuthering Heights WUTHER[LIB,DOC].

October 2018