A.I. Logo SAIL-1969-1974 photo album
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab

SAIL resided in the D.C.Power Lab.
thumbnail of Stanford A.I. Lab building
looking north towards Felt lake

D. C. Power Lab

The former site of SAIL. "Hackers thought this was very funny because the obvious connection to electrical engineering was nonexistent --- the lab was named for a Donald C. Power."

Line printer LPT:
MAPS of the D.C.Power Lab office assignments, 1972 to 1979.

Building and roadway slide show of my images at the Stanford A.I. Lab 1970 to 1974,
while working on mobile robot vision ( the Stanford Cart ).
No narration, no text, sheer background environmental with default low key music.
VIDEO. 8 minutes.

Snapshots I took while at SAIL in the early 1970s.

Rogues Gallery 

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Volley-Ball 6 thumbnails :

Foonly - Dave Poole and Phil Petit discussing the Super Foonly PDP-10.

Dave Poole - Phil Petit - Foonly thumbnail

Zoe pictures 1971.