Naive keyboard data entry works using a normal keyboard for the 26+10 alphanumeric keys, the 11 usual punctuation keys, as well as space, tab, backspace and enter.

Position the mouse cursor on either the graphics display III console which is showing the famous "TAKE ME I'AM YOURS!" prompt, or the console teletype, which is showing "Stanford 6.17/J 07-25-74" blah blah then "DDT STARTS AT 156717". Hit a few ENTERS and see the system dot prompt.

Next type some simple commands: HELP or HELLO or DAY or TIME. To login use my code, "L 1.BGB<enter>". Then Go back and view the automatic demonstrations for more hints.

When you finally need one of the 27 Stanford special characters, view one of the layouts that show the blue keyboard with 61-keys. The blue keyboard is not a SAIL 1974 authentic green keyboard with 68-keys, but rather a modern keyboard with additional keycap legends supported by work arounds in the javascript re-enactment. You may mouse click, or screen tap, the special character you want from the displayed keyboard.

THERE is a lot more to explain about keyboard data entry such as the SAIL special activation keys ( Escape Break Clear Call Stanford-ALT ) the modifier keys ( Shift Control Meta Top ) the less used whitespace keys ( VT FF LF ) and the realtime spacewar mode buttons implemented using the keyboard ( Javascript provides key up and key down events ) to be continued...

updated July 2016 - BgBaumgart