Enter System 1974

Re-Enactment of the 1974 Time Sharing System
that was at the first
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Bruce Guenther Baumgart

Below are Entrances into Javascript running a PDP-10 time sharing system named SYSTEM . DMP [ J17, SYS ] which later became known as WAITS. Re-enacted are console teletype CTY, vector graphics Triple-III, raster terminal Data Disc DD, Lester's Keyboard and the Ralph File System populated with executible files from www.SAILDART.org including GEOMED - LISP - SUDS - PARRY - PUB   and   TEX .





As of July 2016, DD • LPT • XGP • Quam-color-display • Cart • Scheinman-Blue-n-Gold-Arms • TV-cameras • Vocoder • Audio-I/O • Plotter • Vending-Machine • Spacewar-Buttons • Hand/Eye-Turn-Table • and the VR interactive 3-D model of the building-and-grounds are not yet part of this re-enactment. As well as VR chat bots for BGB, JMC, LES, DWP, PMP, REG and the others.

a SAILDART plot file SAIL III display plot file

updated July 2016